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Overall review of the website is a professional CV writing website specializing in a range of personal branding and career services. 

Using this website provides a great experience. It’s easy to use and time friendly. You don’t have to keep clicking a thousand times before you get things done. Almost everything you need is there, welcoming you on the landing page. 

The design is simple and impressive. To order for any of the services will only cost you a few minutes. The website is usable for people with little internet experience. 

Since there are no such heavy words on the website, it’s easy to read through every page of the website with just a couple of scrolls. Awesome! 


What They Offer

This website provides three basic professional writing service bundles you can choose depending on which best suits your demands. They include:

1. CV Writer Bundle – £99

This package is recommended for graduates, junior staff, service staff, and manual workers. It includes a CV, LinkedIn profile, and Cover Letter. If you choose this package, your first draft comes in the first three days. In case you want to jump the three-day queue, you can fast track your first draft to come within 6-72 hours. This costs an extra £20.00.

2. Senior CV Writer Bundle – £199 

This package is recommended for managers, senior roles, STEM, and advanced fields. It includes a CV, LinkedIn Profile, and Cover Letter. If you order this package, you will queue for six days before receiving your first draft. If you want to jump the queue and have it within 6-72 hours, you will pay an extra cost of £100.00.

3. James Innes Bundle – £399 

This package is recommended for PhDs, academics, executives, directors, and business leaders. It includes CV, LinkedIn, and Cover Letter. With this package, you can have a live chat with James and your assigned expert CV writer. The first draft of this package comes in 5 days. Jumping the five days queue costs £150.00.

All of these packages come with a few benefits, which includes:

  • A live chat with your assigned CV writer to discuss the job.
  • Access to the phone line of your assigned writer.
  • ATS Optimization and Keyword Analysis.
  • Unlimited Drafts – you can keep resending your copy for corrections until you are satisfied.

How to Order 

To order any of these packages, you will have to undergo the four-step ordering process – Your details, Delivery, Add-ons, and payment. 

Step 1

Your details

Here you will fill a short three-column form. 

Step 2


Here you will set your preferred delivery time. This is where you can fast track the date of your delivery.

Step 3


There are three add-ons you can include in your order. They are:

  • 30 mins phone call with one of the senior career experts. This costs £50. 
  • 15 mins follow up call – a 15 mins voice call with one of the career experts. It costs £30.00
  • 30 mins Interview Coaching which costs £60.00

Step 4


This is where you make payment either via Credit/Debit card or PayPal. 

Additional Features 

This website features a blog with several useful articles that puts job seekers on the more advantageous edge providing them with every necessary information to complete the ‘Get the dream job’ process. Many articles on this website teach job searchers how to correctly answer many weird and intimidating interview questions and win the recruiter’s interest. Those articles challenge anyone who has an interview in view to rise mentally and become a better interviewee. 

The article titled ‘Why is my job search failing’ gave me a lot of insights when I read it and changed my perspective on my job hunt mission. I frequently visit the blog to sharpen my mind and learn more about what to do to get that high-paying job I have always desired. 

You will also find relevant career advice on the website that can help you sustain a healthy and focused career. This is not only for job seekers. It’s also good for employees to be the best they can in their respective offices and build a lasting career.  


Quality of the Service

This website offers excellent customer relations service. It features multiple communication options on the contact page, including the ‘Book a Call’ button that allows you to speak directly with the company and a couple of chat options like Messenger Box and WhatsApp. You can also contact the company through the email address or mailing address. And if you are too busy to do that, you can simply fill the short form, write your inquiries and send. You get feedback in no time. 

This writing firm is available 24hours. They ensure that they provide every means of communication available to enable everyone to have easy access, no matter what. 

I have tried every of the available communication methods on the website, and the experience was superb.  When I book a call, the person who talked with me was very warm, polite, and listened patiently. What an excellent customer support service. 

Quality of the Product 

What I got as the final copy of my CV was far below my expectation. I specifically asked and expected a great CV, but instead, they went off the radar, telling another story about me, making me who I’m not. Ideally, a CV should describe my career journey to fit the recruiters’ expectations, but this lacked focus and clarity. It failed to show how I have grown in my career over the years. Unsurprisingly, I have not been invited for an interview in the last two months. 

Meeting Deadlines 

The first draft came within the agreed time. Though the subsequently revised copies were delayed, I can’t hold them up to that. The writer complained that he was up to his neck, and that’s quite understandable. 


The customer support service and the website interface are fair enough. However, I will not rate their service ‘A’ because the final product was far below average. It required many revisions, including typo errors on the CV and the LinkedIn profile. There were also too many generic terms on my LinkedIn profile, which rather hid my skills and professional identity. I would not use this service again. 


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