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Top CV provides job seekers with top quality career resources and professional CV writing services at considerable pricing. This CV writing company offers a custom, modern, and industry-specific CV that tells a sound career story in a compelling way that will attract interviewers’ attention, luring them into giving more consideration to hiring you.  

Working with the TopCV website is a piece of cake – you can almost use the website with your eyes shut. A few of the unique features that make the website easy to use are:

The website has a very plain and humble landing page. The simple design makes the loading faster and clicking easier. The website features no ads or heavy graphics. The website was designed to focus more on usability and utility than the visual appeal that will draw attention but frustrates users after a few clicks. 

The incredible blend of the blue and white color projects nothing short of simplicity, making it easier for users to locate the website functions in no time. Blue and white are associated with trust, intelligence, and stability, which seem to be a deliberate message.  

It cost no time to find all you need on the website. Everything the website contains has been streamlined into four different menus – CV Services, About, Testimonials, and Career Advice. The whole website is explained in fewer words, and the services are very easy to locate.  The landing page is designed with a go-straight-to-the-point perspective. 

Because the website contains light graphics, users can be tempted to continue clicking even after ordering the service. The website is super responsive. You can complete placing your order in less than ten minutes with just a couple of clicks. It’s a website with fewer pages.


What They Offer

TopCV Professional CV writers offer three different CV packages that suit all levels of job seekers. All packages include a CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn Writing Services. The distinguished packages include:

1. Professional Growth 

This package offers a professionally written and keyword-optimized CV for £129. You can also make three payments of £49.

Package benefits include: 

  • CV writing by experts who are specialists in the given industry.
  • Unique and simple formatting that draws the employer’s attention.
  • Optimization of your CV to pass through the Applicant Tracking System.

2. Career Evolution

This package offers all other elements, including CV, Cover letter, and two revisions for €189. You can also make two payments of £99.

Package benefits include:

  • CV writing by experts who are specialists in the given industry.
  • Unique and simple formatting that draws the employer’s attention.
  • Optimization of your CV to pass through the Applicant Tracking System.
  • Cover letter writing, which gives your CV a more competitive advantage.
  • This package promises a 60-day interview guarantees 

3. Premium Plus

This package offers a CV, Cover letter, and LinkedIn profile written by executive writers at £349. You can also make four payments of £99. 

Package benefits include:

  • CV writing by executive writers who are specialists in the given industry.
  • Unique and straightforward formatting that draws the employer’s attention.
  • Optimization of your CV to pass through the Applicant Tracking System.
  • Cover letter writing, which gives your CV a more competitive advantage.
  • This package promises a 60-day interview guarantee.
  • LinkedIn Makeover. 

How to Order

Using the services of TopCV via their website is straightforward. You only need to take the following three steps from start to finish:

Step 1

Choose your suitable package and upload your existing CV. The package you choose determines whether you would order only a CV, CV with a cover letter or CV with cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. 

Step 2

You’ll be matched with an expert CV writer who would deliver according to the requirements of your industry.

Step 3

Get your CV in Microsoft Word and PDF format. You can ask your assigned writer for revisions if you are satisfied with the copy sent to you. 

Payment Method 

Payment is one of the simplest tasks on this website. The site provides only two payment options – PayPal or Credit/Debit Card. To pay for any service on this website, click the ‘Order Now’ button, choose whether you‘re paying with PayPal or Debit/Credit Card, fill the short form and click the ‘Place my order’ box to complete you’re your payment. That’s all.

Additional Features 

The website features a mini-blog named “Career Advice” containing several articles that provide valuable information for users to build a lasting career. The articles focus on exciting topics, including: “why is it so hard to find a job?” “4 tips for negotiating salary during economic uncertainty”, “How to succeed in a behavioral interview” and more. 

These articles are strategically written to teach users about the right behaviors during the interview, where to find the latest job posts, how to negotiate salaries, what to consider before accepting a job offer, and lots more. 

TopCV also offers a free CV critique service, allowing users to upload their existing CV for comprehensive professional reviews from trusted experts. These experts provide objective feedback on your skills and expertise as well as personalized recommendations on your CV.


Quality of the Service

This website provides several means of communication to speak directly with the management of the company. It features a super-responsive live chatbox through which users can receive instant feedback from whoever you are working with. You can also talk to your assigned agent for editing or correction if you are not satisfied with the copy you received. That’s a good way to relate with customers. 

Using the live chat box was incredible. I got my feedback within seconds. I didn’t believe it at first, but it was real. The agent that chatted with me was truly knowledgeable and friendly. I just made a few inquiries and got my answers correctly.   

You will find multiple contact options on the contact page, such as the company’s email address, one standby phone number, and a comment box where you can type your inquiries and send them to the customer support department. 

Quality of the Product 

The final draft wasn’t good enough. The writer didn’t write the CV to be read by humans. Aside from the fact that it was not customized and optimized to pass through HR systems, it wasn’t appealing to read. There were too many complex and ambiguous sentences. With that hard-to-read CV, an interview is not guaranteed. 

Meeting Deadlines 

My order came exactly at the agreed time. The agent assigned to me promised five days, and delivered accordingly. I had a few issues with the first copy sent to me and asked for some modifications. It took up to a week before I could get the modified copy. 


The CV did not establish my credibility, and I was overcharged. I ordered the premium plus package, which costs £349, as stated on the website. I opted for a one-off payment, but they charged me based on their 4-month payment of £99 option, which later amounted to £396. That was an extra charge of £47. I complained to the company about it, and they admitted it was their fault, but they didn’t refund my money. That’s not fair enough. 


Real Users Reviews

Write it yourself, it’s easier

Guys, sharing my pain from using TopCV!I bought the executive kit for £ 212 which included professionally written CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile optimization and paid in full up front. Within 48 hours or 2 business days, a first draft was guaranteed. I somehow didn’t receive anything after 4 business days and numerous emails. I have cancelled my order and I am waiting for a refund at the moment. I can’t tell you if the level of production will be any Good, but can advise you not to buy the executive kit! Is it how professional CV writers or professional CV editors work?

December 22, 2020

bad 🙁

TopCV aren’t good resume writers. Not once but twice, I had the worst encounter with them. They’re not good at what they’re doing, and they’re really unprofessional. I had to tell the writer how to format and compose my CV, so essentially, I wrote it myself but put £130 in their pockets.

December 7, 2020

“writing experts”

I have ordered two CVs. One for my husband who works in the automotive industry, and I’m an teacher.I was told that “Writing experts” would contact us in each of our fields once we had completed the work questionnaire.The whole thing was frustrating. I had to call for clarification to see what was going on after I got a CV for my mechanic husband as a teacher. Two CVs  were done within 24 hours after complaining. I thought that the writer had just rushed them, and it was the same person who wrote each of our CVs. I contacted customer service and never heard back. I’m not sure how come their ratings are so high. My CV was only two pages! Several federal workers told me their CVs were over four pages long.I was profoundly dissatisfied with the job result given to me by TopCV. Clearly, I had a very junior CV writer who seemed not to understand my job or my business. I was particularly disappointed by the cover letter, which seemed to have been copied and pasted.I applied for a partial refund, but it was refused by the company.

December 2, 2020

Scammers! Don’t use in 100 years

Sadly, my new CV was not so successful and I only received a very limited number of interviews.At first, even though I have many years of experience in my field sector and have always done very well, I thought I was pitching myself to the wrong jobs.

I started asking for feedback from the agencies and many of them thought my new professionally written CV was poor and the old one was only slightly too long in content, actually better.  TopCV writers have failed.

Have never used these companies before and never ever use again.

Terry Nicholson
December 9, 2020

How foolish I was…

I found the initial CV review very good and therefore decided to buy the cv writing service. This was a huge error. I paid the professional writing service a lot of money, they only take your current CV and change it without even speaking with you. They changed things so poorly that the details were mixed up! After I protested, the writer didn’t even respond to my emails a single time. Not to mention, every time I got template emails from the ‘help’ team, when I asked for the cash back. Nobody also took the time to re-read the CV that was sent to me. I am an MBA specialist with more than 15 years of experience and they have applied my attributes to ‘clerical duties’! The review period has lapsed in the meantime, so I was left with no money and no amended cv. The worst service I’ve ever had.

December 16, 2020

I am a communications specialist with more than a decade of experience and I have paid for a CV to be published to help me advance my career. Not only in more than 1 month’s time did I not receive any contact other than an intro e-mail and a CV written at the 5th grade stage, they promised to reassign me to another writer with a promise that it will be completed in 3 days or less. It’s been five days since the promise, and I haven’t heard from a new writer yet. I had to call every time to find out about the status, or lack of status, only to end up with someone named Brian who’s the most rude customer service agent I’ve come to speak to. This is the greatest fraud in the industry. Before buying, I had questions about it but if I can save you or someone else from making another penny for this business, my job will be done.

December 1, 2020

Leave it to yourself

This is such a terrible service, and I sincerely regret trying to use it. My CV really irritated me as I seemed to attract the wrong kinds of roles and needed a new take. The CV and cover letter they created for me was hideously ugly and utterly inappropriate. Significant parts of it did not make sense and did not seem to be written by a native speaker of English. The cover letter was hilarious – I used to employ people in my former job and I would have deleted it immediately if I got anything like that. Don’t use your money, don’t waste it. There are decent CV writers out there I am sure. These individuals are not them. Use professional CV writing service and professional CV editing, not these TopCV Scammers.

December 19, 2020

Fantastic opportunity to fail

It was an excellent initial CV critique, so I wanted to go ahead with a competent rewrite of my CV. The update I got included completely meaningless starements, and also included errors in grammar and formatting. My initial CV sample was either not understood or not read, abd also comments were not included in the document given up front. I have never issued a revised CV since filing a report. No help from customer service. I’m pretty sure you can find real CV writing professionals.

December 19, 2020

Easiest way to lose money

My experience with TopCV. The initial free CV review was fine, so I purchased a new CV and cover letter bundle for £ 129. The process was expected to begin in a couple of days and yet it was over a week before a professional CV writer was assigned, then she said she would submit her first draft that day and I still had nothing two days later, and when I sent her an email, she asked for my CV sample in a different format! It hadn’t even started too clearly yet. The first draft was still really loaded with text and did not accomplish what I had demanded and I ended up doing more work than she did on it. After that, even though it was meant to be a “collaborative process with many updates, she did not submit back any major changes. She didn’t answer any of my questions and was rude flat out then! They just said when I complained to the support team that they would pass my problems on to her! Appalling service, and I sure wouldn’t suggest that.

December 20, 2020

Very bad service

I have to be honest with you this service is not what I planned. You’ve got nil on my career path on site-no one. It’s just very generic with very little originality. I have very little communication going on days without any correspondence-and when I call the customer service-I wait more days to hear that my writer will “work on it this evening” and then go on days without any more interaction.I’d like a refund. Ok, I could have done this to my self. Will never be working  with your company again. Please refund my money or, failing that I will contact my credit card company and make a stop payment on it. Very bad service, actually. Both revenue and nil substances.

December 6, 2020

Asked for refund

One of my worst encounters with CV writing company, frankly. With a very standard layout and design, they took my old resume sample, changed it a little and emailed it back to me. Then, as I can see, they asked me to adapt. When I complained about the layout and design, they said that this was the best thing that suited me. I asked for improvements, but there was no input. They assigned another writer as I escalated, who sent me a resume for another name (client) and mixed material from mine and the client. When I signed up, they said 3 installments of payment and suddenly they charged me the full sum. They declined to pay and no feedback was received when I asked about the 60-day interview guarantee. I guess I’m going to let go of my credit card business and I’m not sure I can complain. I have 17 years of experience and have selected the best package and the worst package.

December 14, 2020

TOP CV is professional in marketing… but only in that …

Top CV is very professional in selling their service. After I paid, the experience was totally different. The writer obviously didn’t even read through my CV. They simply added a tons of buzzword, with a many factual errors in it.
The customer service meant getting the same meaningless answers to my questions/ requests. Like a chatbot…
And if you check some review sites think on the following: what does it mean if a firm has a lots of 5 stars but min 25% of the reviews are totally negative… and practically no 4 or 3 starts … I made there a mistake I’m afraid…
Also think on it how this service was rated as one of the bests on a few websites…
TOP CV is a good looking scam…

April 2, 2021

don’t waste your money

I was hoping my CV would be improved. What came back felt as though it was written for a jun or sales or marketing position, rather than an accomplished IT project manager. Then there was no reply for quite a long time when I complained. They then assigned another writer to me, who was just as bad and would not enter into a dialogue. They’re not going to answer clear questions. I submitted my original and new versions to three people, each of whom said that my original was better for me. Don’t waste your money on these guys.

November 28, 2020

Please don’t do it

As I was time strapped and wanted to rewrite my CV(at their suggestion) and sent back to me in a professional format as if it were me, I went to TopCV. Not only was the way I edited it inaccurate, they also reduced my working life by 16 years only so that they could fit my Sales Manager CV on one page. I am 50 years of age. For goodness sake, I don’t fit on one tab. For the most dull, uninspiring, incorrect piece of garbage, I charged £ 170 and when I protested, they simply ignored me and declined to give me a partial refund. I’m taking this matter further. If you plan to use them, be very very careful. They’ll do it just fine if you want a mundane, boring short edit of your working career. If you want an individual service that is well written and visually impactful, forget it it’s absolutely awful.

December 21, 2020

Terrible experience

Made commitments that they couldn’t keep up with when the CV was going to be submitted. Missed delivery date that  has been promised. You can’t believe them. Eventually ended up providing a very generic CV that could have been any number of random people who weren’t even contextually important to my work experience, even if they had a copy of my old CV.

December 3, 2020

This whole thing is crap!

I got a poor writer who wrote an embellished CV of stuff I don’t do. I’m a salesman, and he made me look like a customer service representative. I was trying to get a refund, and the company said they weren’t offering it, but I might get a substitute for a senior writer. Going on, I said I was going ahead and I was transferring to a senior writer, but it wasn’t completed. In addition, the original writer keeps sending me letters to change my mind, which I don’t want to do. He’s not going to quit or listen to my request for a senior editor. If I don’t get the results, I’m definitely going to get with my credit card business.

December 4, 2020


Terrbile, Terrible, terrible job. Full garbage CV. They merged two entirely separate jobs that I had in one, they made little to no improvement to my CV. Only kinda changed  the order of my points. When they “highlighted” the most important accomplishments, they used jobs 10 years ago that were not applicable to the work I applied for.

November 28, 2020

Avoid like hell

Avoid using this professional CV writing service! I got William S.’s CV and cover letter. The only thing I can say is that William doesn’t speak English and that he must have been writing in English using Google Translator. William must be sitting somewhere offshore in Bangalore, if that is even his name. Perhaps the language used might get him a job, but definitely not in the UK, with a call centre there. I’m ashamed to have used that service, because my professional CV became a disaster! My original Medical Cover letter was even worse! I’m going to try to fix the situation now but I’m not holding my breath.

December 23, 2020

I would never know it would be that terrible

An utter joke about a company called TopCV, the professional writing service. Do not bother sending your money to them. I paid for the re-writing of the CV. Copy-pasted generic statements were filled with the re-write I was given. It displayed a lack of insight, a lack of comprehension, and was written quite poorly. I was obviously offered a more seasoned writer after moaning. Again as I needed my CV and cover letter to start applying for work, I was not 100 percent happy, but I could not afford to waste any more time. The website said there was a ‘no-fuss guarantee’ for the service and also that I would be eligible for a re-write if I didn’t get a rise in interviews or callbacks within 3 months. Quick forward 2 months and I have not got a call or an interview despite persistent job searching. I approached CV Now and was told that before I was qualified for a re-write, it would be another month. A month later, I was still not successful at all. Again, I contacted them. They were trying to get out of giving me my re-write, all they could think of.

December 13, 2020

Negative reviews are written for people like me

To rewrite my CV, cover letter and Linkedin profile, I signed up for a full service costing £ 219. The first draft was full of mistakes and did not reflect my experience at work or my job title. To that result, I replied to the company and they apologized and offered to rewrite it. The second draft was much stronger, but still a long way away. I suspected it had been written either by a robot or an American, and now I see that the company is headquartered in New York.

December 10, 2020

bad experience

Straight to the point: what I got was a rough draft with the mispellings and without the improvements I wanted. What I got for the final product was the same rough draft. I can’t afford to waste money on anything like this garbage right now. I advise everyone to read this is a scam, and to run away from these people!

November 30, 2020

Horrible company

I had purchased the services of writing my CV  and LinkedIn  profile from TopCV and what happened after that was really astounding me and made me wonder how that company was still in operation! First I’ve got to follow up with them to get my first resume draft, then after they’ve done, I’ve been waiting for my profile link from them and it turns out that it’s mostly a copy and paste from your resume after adding the letter ‘I’! I told them it wasn’t appropriate, but they never replied to me and when I got fed up, I called them and their customer service agent said that the order was closed and they basically can’t do anything! WTF? Horrible company, do your best  to stay away from them.

December 6, 2020

Toilet flush of cash

Terrifying experience. Before giving me my first of the three edits, the professional CV writer did not review his / her own work. Although the sentences made no sense, the syntax was appalling. They had obviously used a CV template, though leaving parts of the template in the edit they sent me. For instance, when I am a Project Manager in the UK, it said I worked as an Account Director for a business in the USA. They replied very quickly when contacting them, but their resolution was to give me a discount on further editing as it was out of their 7 day review period.

I recommend that it be avoided!

December 15, 2020

If you have spare cash, give it to them

I’ve had the worst experience ever with TopCV (Professional CV writers)

Apparently, my CV should have been ready by the 7th of June after 2 rounds of modifications, and I have not yet received my draft after sharing my first round of feedback.

I was never this unhappy! What a money waste!

December 12, 2020

I want to turn back time

I contacted Luca Sanders, who, clearly, was a bot. I went on and paid for the professional writing service despite mentioning this, and after a longer time than what I was told, I got my ‘best CV’, which was not well written at all. I’m not a native English speaker and there are so many errors I could find! In addition, the new CV was incredibly long and I got bored of reading it and as I don’t get too many job interviews as they promise, I think many hiring managers as well.

December 17, 2020

my topcv experience

I was exceptionally shocked as I anticipated an individual service making my CV way better than it was before, while what TopCV sent me looks like something coming out of a “google interpret” sort of computerized instrument. The CV has misplaced all of its specificity and numerous focuses are terribly inaccurate. I have traded numerous times with the reviewer, but there were too many comments. Possibly this service would have been great in case I had no CV to start with, but I have just lost £200. I’ve asked for a refund but have not got it yet.

November 27, 2020

Professional writers don’t work there

I am a solicitor and have been working in foreign law firms for the past 6 years in the area (corporate finance). I contacted TopCv because before beginning my job search, I was looking to smarten up and update my CV. Almost three weeks after the first submission, I got the first draft. Both the CV and cover letter were a disaster: typos, errors, no comprehension of the legal jargon of the industry, factually incorrect (although the experiences were clearly set out both in the resume I sent them and also in the questionnaire I provided them with). Obviously, the writer had no understanding of the field in which I work and it showed clearly. I sent them a mark-up and explained that I had to re-write the CV and advised them that in order to obtain a product that I could use, I needed to be partnered with someone who had legal sector experience. Awful experience with these professional CV writers.

December 18, 2020

Awful experience, never again!

The worst acquisition experience in decades. I uploaded my CV and three examples of new roles that I was going for as requested, to the online profile development page. Even their best top 10 percent writers  tend not to have the time to look at this. I demanded a refund after complaining about the first writer, but was given a second writer and just one real CV revision! It took three weeks (instead of 48 hours) and a total disappointment and waste of time and resources was the result. The professinal writers don’t know how to read profiles or emails for clarification. Despite being able to pay, it was difficult to schedule a phone call to fix a CV writer’s mistake. And it was difficult to obtain a refund.

December 11, 2020

When am I going to learn to read reviews before I buy? I’ve been doing the spur of the moment. It’s quite clear that the person who wrote my new CV is not a native English speaker and isn’t a blogger. Full of grammar, typos, really old fashioned font, and a lot of it doesn’t make sense, and it wasn’t included in the details I gave them. Save the capital. The positive reviews are either mad or bots or paying for. Thank God I’ve just ordered the bare minimum of the CV and not the cover letter and the LinkedIn profile they’ve been pushing for.

December 1, 2020

keep away

This service was just the worst thing. My CV writer killed off my CV, just used a mishmash of words with a bad grammar. The bullets he wrote did not make any sense either. They were just a cut and paste of phrases from my original CV, except after the word mish mash, they didn’t make any sense. Customer service is terrible and refused to refund anything to me even though the cover letter and the cover letter I received were incomprehensible. Keep AWAY. They’re also actively trying to take down negative feedback from TrustPilot and other sites that artificially look like a highly rated company.

November 27, 2020

Incompetent, Unprofessional, and Dishonest

Incompetent, Unprofessional, and Dishonest

This excerpt speaks volumes about the incompetent, illegal, and reckless operations run by TopCV. (Below excerpt is from an email exchange after almost a month of trying to terminate a failed contract. TopCV avoided my complaints and resisted a full refund until a lawyer and my credit card company were brought in)

TopCV violated the contract agreement by selling a service of an Executive Writer with standing in the top 10 percent of your writers that also is specialized in my industry experience. I have asked repeatedly and received no answer how someone with only intern experience in a police station in South Africa and one year of CV review qualifies as an Executive Writer and an industry expert. A full refund is warranted on these grounds alone but I will continue if you need a further summary of the laundry list of TopCV failures. I paid for expedited delivery and received an unusable product. This “Expert Writer” delivered a CV containing several spelling errors that even Microsoft Word caught. Though for some reason you confused my legitimate complaints about these atrocious spelling errors with grammar. Basic attention to detail would have also caught the several incorrect transcriptions from my initial CV provided. If this is not enough, the “Expert Writer” requested that I add biometric information such as gender, age, civil status, nationality, and place of birth. It is illegal at the U.S. Federal level to make hiring decisions on such material. These are only a few of the many failures that I have repeatedly laid out to TopCV since I raised these issues on 26 February 2021.

Bjorn B
March 19, 2021

avoid using topcv

I have chosen their professional package, which was expected to have a delivery period of 2-3 days. It ended up being a week and a half or so, the LinkedIn part (which I highlighted as the most significant aspect) was an afterthought, and they were trying to overwhelm me. The CV had some good keywords, but it wouldn’t make sense for someone reading it from my industry, and it’s going to have to be largely rewritten. Very disappointing experience because so many people could benefit from the promised service during Covid-19 times. Avoid 100%.

November 29, 2020

topcv is scam

It took two weeks to get a CV that included a wrong definition of my career and a lot of nonsense. After the I declined the draft, nothing. I had to contact the headquarters to get a response from the writer. After a long email of reasons, a new draft, better, but not fine. Again the wrong occupation, etc. Since then never heard of them again.

December 5, 2020

I WISH someone told me not to go with this organization when I signed up for their >£200 kit. The person working on my CV took days to react to a point where our revision period had already finished. What’s more, all written on my resume was dishonest because I already provided the truth of my current situation. You might claim it was hurried, and the person working on my CV and Cover letter  didn’t even bother reading through the questionnaire that I answered. I’ve got to do the whole thing again. The worst money I’ve ever spent. Will never recommend it to someone else.

November 29, 2020
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