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Overall review of the website is a website that provides top-rated CV writing services and a wide variety of CV packages. The company boasts of housing several professional writers with excellent expertise across many industries. 

TheCVstore website has a good design in terms of usability. Click-response on this site is as if you are offline. Though it contains many words, you can still quickly locate everything you need in no time. The white color dominance makes it simpler for users to read through the texts and advance to whatever service they would like to order. 

Scrolling up and down the website takes only a few seconds, and you are likely to get whatever information you need at one click. You don’t have to click several sub-pages before you could use the services, read articles, or other website featured items. 


What They Offer

This website offers three categories of CV services: Standard CV services, Specialist’ CV services, and other services. 

1. Standard CV services 

Services in this category include:

Graduate/Entry-Level CV and letter Package. 

This package allows you to showcase your qualifications and enthusiasm through a CV. This service costs £69.97.

Professional CV and Letter Package. 

This package allows you to progress your career with a professional CV and Cover letter. This service costs £137.99.

Career change CV and letter Package.

This package offers a functional (Skills-based) CV to support a complete career change. It costs £142.70.

Executive CV, Letter, and LinkedIn Package.

This package targets CVs, LinkedIn Profiles, and Cover letters for senior positions. It costs £199.19.

2. Specialists CV Services 

Services in this category include:

Military-Civilian Conversion CV.

This package facilitates the transition to civilian employment. It costs £155.99.

Medical CV Package 

This package is mainly for PMETB Art. 14, Consultants, GPs, and more. You can get this service for £299.99.

3. Other Services 

Same-Day CV Revamp

This package offers same-day (12 hours) CV revamp (Not Re-write) at £56.51.

Cover Letter

This package is free with all CV packages but costs £29.99 individually.

LinkedIn Profile

This package costs £37.99 with a CV package, but you have to contact the company for individual pricing.  

Corporate Outplacement.

To enjoy this package, you have to contact the company for standard pricing. 

How to Order

Ordering for any of these packages seems somewhat complicated. You would have to fill in your email address, which will be used to send you to order status updates. The ordering process goes through the following steps:

Step 1

Click on the ‘Order now’ button – this will open the secure payment page.  

Step 2

Upload your existing CV – if you don’t have any, you will have to complete a questionnaire, which will be sent to you through email. 

Step 3

Click on ‘Order Complete’ for confirmation. 

Payment Methods

You can make your payment for any of the CV services on this website through Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Telephone, or Bank Transfer. 

Additional Features 

On the menu list, you will find ‘Job Seeker Tools,’ a mini-blog that provides every needful information about what you need to do after submitting your CV or even after getting that dream job. This blog contains several useful articles that focus on how to get a well-paying job and what to do to maximize your income.

Job seeking is complicated, and getting the right one involves many factors. These factors are methodically addressed in the various articles on the blog. 

You can also learn how to write a professional CV, cover letter, and application letter while reading some of the blog articles. 

There’s a green box on the Jobseeker tool page that captions ‘Submit your CV here for a free critique.’ On clicking that box, you will be asked to upload your existing CV for the experts who will peruse it and tell you whether it fits a job application or needs a few changes, or you need an entirely new one. You can also contact the company through this page for free advice on your career. 


Quality of the Service

The website offers many options to contact the CV store. It features a live chatbox on the contact page. You can also use any of the multiple contact details, including a hot phone line, email address, and a short contact form where you can write your comment and send it to the customer support department.  

Because I needed a quick response, I didn’t use the mail. So, I wouldn’t know how fast they respond through the mail. I call the phone line, and it was picked at once. The person that spoke to me was very attentive and polite. He provided relevant answers to all my questions, and that was great. 

TheCVstore customer support department is good enough in terms of customer relations. They don’t delay answering calls, and they ensure that you are satisfied before they hang up. Those guys are good.

Quality of the Product 

The final copy was nothing to be called professional writing. They gave me a CV that doesn’t showcase what makes me stand out from the crowd and summarize what makes me qualified for the job. I paid for a CV that will serve as my personal branding tool, but they couldn’t deliver. I had to contact another CV writing firm for a better service. 

Meeting Deadlines 

My CV came on the agreed day but late at night. I was hoping I could use it that day, but it was too late. Since there were no modifications, I uploaded it on a few job websites that night and submitted the hard copy to a company the next day. That wasn’t too late if you ask me. 


Communicating through this website wasn’t a good experience. A typical CV writing website should provide a means of live chat to aid better communication between the writer and the client. Professional CV writing requires a detailed conversation to enable a better understanding of the clients’ custom requirements. The failed communication process is one of the reasons they couldn’t deliver to customer’s satisfaction. They should improve on that.


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