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The CV Guru is a company based in the UK that offers work application goods on their website. You’re going to find sleek design and helpful blog posts when you land on their web. There’s a testimonial page full of clients’ good feedback. When we first saw all this, this service seemed to give its customers a lot.

This reputation, though, is very different from the first impression. Service reviews on their website are not half as good as those that you can find elsewhere. They haven’t got as much business as you might think by checking out their website. This is why we ordered a CV from them and went on to write this review to share our thoughts.


What They Offer

By clicking the “Guru shop” button, you’ll get the list of services they’re offering. So, they are:

The CV – The price directly depends on the work experience that you have. For 0 – 3 years you will have to pay £40, 4 – 10 years – £65, and 11+ years for £90.

Professional CV or Package for Senior Management, Executives or Drectors – for £175

Cover letter (There are some options, from generic to the the one that’s tailored for a specific company) for £25

Premium Professional Package – for CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile optimization you’ll pay from £95 to £165, again, depending on your experience.

Personal Statement – £60

Linked in Profile – £80

Change in CV Focus – Editing your current CV by adding some recent information – £30

Update your CV/LinkedIn profile – £30 – £40

CV or Premium Package for Police or Armed forces – £90 to £175

Professional Academic CV or Premium Writing Package – £100 – £170.

We see no point in retelling you what is written on their website, namely, how the ordering mechanism of this company works. In a few words – After payment, you send your current CV by email, and they immediately start working on your new one. If they have any questions, they also contact you via email. If you don’t have a CV, they send you a form to fill out. In general, the standard approach.

Additional Features 

As we mentioned earlier, the website contains a fairly extensive selection of useful and informative articles on the subject of job search, writing CV, preparing for an interview, and career development in general. The articles are written really interesting and you will gather a lot of useful information for yourself.

Also there is a section Testimonials, “why you should choose us”, and a free CV review service on the website. That’s all.


Quality of the Service

So, you can contact the company via live chat, by email, and by filling out the form in the “Contact us” section. In general, they respond fairly quickly. Very polite and friendly. However, they are not very informative. For example, they could not answer our question about how the Online Completion of your LinkedIn service differs from the LinkedIn update. The description is very similar, and it is not at all clear what the difference is.

Quality of the Product 

We ordered a professional bundle for £175. Our “imaginary friend” was a medical worker. Unfortunately, we have to admit that the final product was very far from expectations, and the initial impression of the website did not come true. Reading the document sent, there was a feeling that it was not written from scratch but “adjusted” to our fictional character.

Grammatical and stylistic errors were present. Of course, wrote a person who is very far from understanding medicine and the terminology that is associated with this area.

We of course asked to revise his work, and that same evening we received a corrected version … which was even worse.

After a two-day correspondence, we asked for a refund, and we immediately received it.

Meeting Deadlines

The first draft was sent on time. The second – also almost immediately. Considering that we received a refund as soon as we asked for it, we believe that this company has everything in order with the time frame for performing work.


You can find positive reviews for this company, and we are sure that they are real. The fact is that many people completely trust such companies and do not quite understand what exactly a “professionally written CV” should be. And if they turn to such companies for services, this is logical. In our case, we were disappointed, as we expected much more after seeing such a beautifully designed website.


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