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Overall review of the website

Relating to PurpleCV via their website provides a great experience. The website has some unique features that make it more attractive and user-friendly. These includes:

Simple Design

The overall design of this website is very simple and easy to understand. The color (purple) provides a great complement to the name of the website – PurpleCV.  The purple color is often associated with royalty, creativity, wisdom, dignity, and devotion. This looks deliberate as it might be used to convey a deep message about the company and the quality of service they render. 

Easy Navigation 

The design looks very simple, and it’s straightforward to use. It doesn’t require spending much time scrolling up and down before locating what to click. It contains fewer words, making it easier to navigate through the whole website in a few minutes. 


What They Offer

This CV writing website offers different packages for a different level of job seekers based on experience. Their various packages to choose from include:

Early Career CV 0 – 3 years’ experience 

This package is for fresh graduates or those who graduated in the last three years. You will get this service after two days of your order. 

Next step CV 3 – 10 years’ experience 

This package is for those looking to establish their names after spending 3 – 10 years in a particular industry.  You will also get this service two days after your order. 

Advanced Career CV over ten years’ experience 

This packages is available for employees with extensive work experience and has already made huge achievements after several years of working. This service will be delivered in 2 days. 

Specialist CV for Niche professions 

This package is available for Ph.D. graduates, Senior Executive Officers, and specialists in the industry.  This service will be delivered in 5 days.  The whole package deal for all services covers a CV, a cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile. 

How to Order

  1. Choose your CV or package deal and upload your existing CV. You also have an option to add accessories, including a cover letter or LinkedIn profile. 
  2. You’ll be assigned a professional CV writer who has vast experience in your industry.
  3. Your CV is being written. If you don’t have an existing CV, your assigned writer will contact you immediately for your details.
  4. You get your CV within the agreed timeframe in Microsoft Word and PDF format. If you have further contributions, your writer will edit your CV until you are satisfied. 

Payment Method

This website operates simple payment options – Credit card or PayPal. When you click the order button, you only have three simple steps to follow (Add Accessories, Personal/Payment Details, and Confirmation) to finish your ordering process. You only have to fill a short form, and you are done. 

Additional Features 

This website features a blog that contains a great article that provides essential information about what you need to know about getting your dream job. Some of the blog’s interesting topics include: How to write a stand-out retail CV, Job hunting during Coronavirus: Our Guide, How to follow up after an interview: A Complete Guide, and more.

PurpleCV ensures that you are provided the right information to put you on the right path to get your dream job after getting a good CV.  Having a great CV is not enough. You need to know where to find the right jobs, how to answer critical questions at interviews, and a few other things to remain on top of your game. That’s what PurpleCV is offering. 


Quality of the Service

This website is quite responsive. Clicking is made easy, and it loads very fast. It features a live chat box at the bottom right corner, making it easier for users to talk to the management at any time and get a quick response. It’s a website you can talk to. 

The contact page contains multiple contact options, including phone numbers, email address, and every other needful information about the company. Immediately I click on the contact menu; the live chat box automatically pooped up, and using it was great. The responses were fast enough, and my questions were accurately attended to. 

At first, I thought it was a kind of chatbot or auto-response, but when I started asking personal questions, I discovered it was human. The person I chatted with, Nicola, was so patient and polite. What a great customer service. 

Quality of the Product 

The final product was not satisfactory enough. When the final copy of my CV came back from PurpleCV, I was not happy about it. Though a few changes were made after I complained, but I think I deserve better. I had to make many corrections, and they were just too much for an acclaimed professional CV writer like that. 

Meeting Deadlines 

I can say PurpleCV is faithful with time. They delivered the first draft within the time timeframe we bargained for. The format of the file they sent me was not difficult to open. I did the checking on my phone. 


Although, PurpleCV has a good customer approach, however, they lack the expertise at delivery. My first experience with them was quite a bad one. I was not satisfied when I received the first draft of my CV. At first, I felt the CV they sent me belong to someone else. I tried to contact the customer support department, and they asked me to send it. It took more than necessary before I could have the so-called edited copy that was as bad as the first. I felt contacting them again doesn’t worth my time, so I checked online for some templates and wrote it myself. My £85 was nothing but a waste. 


Real Users Reviews


The fantastic website and letters of solicitation took me in. I was interested in using this cv writing service because the site said that a cv specialist in the sector in which I wanted to find employment would review the cv to ensure that the right terms were there that would grab the scanning machine. It was so generic that the updated cv was laughable. My favorite line was A history of accomplishing goals,” Not only were there spelling errors, but the dates of my employment were actually altered. My feeling is that they were sent to someone overseas who barely had an understanding of the English language. Wrathful.

December 16, 2020

It was complete fiction to rewrite.

I called for my cv to be received earlier. This offered me 48-hours of choices to get. After sending several emails, I got my first draft in 3 days, submitted revisions and did not hear back for a week. In addition, the revision sent to me by the original person on what I could change was not adhered to, so it was a complete hypocrisy. Is the 2nd draft something sharp or intense that honestly looks like it was written by a high school student(not the expert CV writer) and its 2 full pages? I am not aware of any other seasoned people for recruitment/staffing but I will never look at a second page as a recruiter in the past? And to start customer service, they just kept asking again and again what the issue was… I had to describe it so many times to myself. A utter waste of money, that purplecv is! Don’t get the pace, it’s probably going to take longer for you.

December 22, 2020

Worst encounter in summary EVER

This is a CV writing company that is very unprofessional. They give you a week, then tell you to edit your own product. They do not use professinal writers who are familiar with the fields for which they write the resumes and charge extra for Linked in profile, but simply send you copy and paste text. Don’t put this CV writing service to use! Do not use PurpleCV.

December 13, 2020

Tell someone else…

They didn’t even give me a proper cover letter or CV from my CV writer. They told me it was my fault that she did not give her enough details to submit her final drafts to me. Which I can’t open on my own to edit. I sent out the format and CV of the cover letter that I received. No work interviews though.

December 14, 2020


This place is a rip off, taking advantage of clients who are unemployed. You tell them what you want on your new cv and cut it in half, then they give you an incomplete cv, then they make one adjustment (so they say) and then they say they’re not going to make any more adjustments. You call the credit card company, and after several emails, they say they can’t do anything because of their “no refund policy” You’re practically giving away your money to PurpleCV. You will then have to directly contact Master Card or Visa to go around the bank rules and let them know that the bank that is supposed to assist you violated the Master Card or Visa guidelines. Bottom line “DO NOT USE THEM” I’m even sending the lousy resume they did to another business and they thought it was only 70% successful. Don’t use them, trust me

December 18, 2020

Don’t Use

I paid to get my professional CV re-written. After receiving the first draft, I provided feedback and had to email twice before getting a reply from the expert CV writer. The CV writer did not discuss the input things I had specifically outlined in the second draft and the CV presented was basically no different from the initial resume I produced. The only improvements were related to formatting and the modifications to formatting were not even very good. I was very busy and unable to quickly review the second  CV revision and was then informed that my time of review had expired. When I first ordered the service, I was never told that there was a time limit. In the hope that someone would answer my grievances, I contacted them, but the reply I got was just a refusal to do so.

December 10, 2020

Do not go for this, don’t

I regret that I haven’t read such cv reviews before… It even happened to me… They’re such a joke! I submitted my cv and I didn’t hear from them after almost one week. But I’ve written to complain again. I got a reply from someone who replied that my cv was waiting to be accepted… The day after I got an email from Bill, another “professional cv writer” told me that my previous cv writer was no longer available and that he was taking care of me. A few days later, I had a cv that was roughly the same as mine… They just played with a few words and phrases, cut the most significant assignments for my work. A lower professional profile, in other words… In the same way they do for cvs, copy and paste, they responded below!

December 19, 2020

The worst CV service I’ve ever seen!

With the CV  I got back from Purplecv, I was extremely upset. The only thing I could have done about Word CV sample search was the style that was modified, the words were exactly the same and there were spelling errors on top of that. Don’t use PurpleCV  to waste your money. Go to Word and browse for CV template. They had the gall to want me to write a new CV. I hope they’ve been joking. I contacted the BBB and eyewitness news because I needed my money back and I would not be refunded by the purple cv. They guarantee an interview with you and I didn’t get one interview with the cv they gave me. I used my previous cv, and with that, I got an interview. People don’t waste your money again using the purplecv. They didn’t even know my right name to top it off. They used the name of the email address instead of using my name, not the spelling of my full name, and my name was clearly on the cv.

December 15, 2020

Only worth it if you have never had a resume before and don’t know how to write one.

I had purplecv review my cv because I wasn’t getting hits from the jobs I was applying for, you can expect anything with over 35 years of experience in my profession. Their analysis made some format and material suggestions, ” I was a doer, not an achiever per my cv” I sent it to a friend in HR who came back with the same comments when I got the new formatted cv, although the format was better it still didn’t show me as an achiever, even though I had sent a list of achievements to purple cv. I got a lame excuse and basic guidance to make the changes myself when I questioned purple cv about this. A waste of my time and resources. 7 days is not ample time for an examination.

December 17, 2020

Your money, don’t waste it.

After applying for a job where a rep approached me telling me that my CV looked bad, I found this professional CV writing service. Before, I had no trouble getting interviews, but I needed some advice from CV writing experts. I mean, why not? It took them a week to submit the first draft and the name and contact details of another client was on top of my CV (my right contact was on my original resume and I had to enter it when posting on the PurpleCV website), one of the names of my former company was spelled wrong (was not wrong on my original CV) and I felt it was incredibly boring and difficult to read. I would strongly recommend to avoid this CV writing company.

December 9, 2020

Not a great company

I was dumb enough to buy the most expensive kit for professional CV service, cover letter and I was offered nothing but a total joke. The new “specialist CV” is full of inaccurate facts, copied from company websites, phrases that make no sense, my real career is unrecognizable, and if ever sent out the language can only be described as leading to immediate career suicide. I specifically asked for a European writer, for someone who has no resemblance to me or my career at all what I got can best be called an over the top sales pitch. Slow and non-reactive customer service, despite my order containing 2 updates within a 7 day timeframe, a promised review never came through. Stay away from PurpleCV!!

December 10, 2020

Complete cash waste – Stay Away!

I really need support to turn a top notch cv of so much money into something more down to earth and connected, as I really have to have a cv that can flourish in my new life with me. First, for over a week, they could not find a cv writer. They offered to write a thank you letter for FREE when I contacted them. Ok, who am I going to thank? I still haven’t got a cv. Then my mother dies, horror of horrors, and I run to Oxfordshire to be with my family. Then, I got an expert CV writer, but then she left, and the process began all over. When I actually got my first draft, it looked like it had been composed by a 6th grader. Complete with words misspelled. I was sad and disappointed and requested a full refund which they said can’t be done until the cv writing process is underway. Now to dispute the charges, I have my bank involved and they are still competing with my bank.

December 20, 2020

Not how it was expected

For my son, who is transitioning from 8 years of military experience into his new Network and Communications career, I bought a professional CV rewrite. About a year ago, he graduated and has almost 2 years of realistic work experience. His military experience was not even mentioned in the first draft and they said he had 8 years of professional experience in CV…… That’s not real. When he responded back and told them to redo the experience portion and add the experience of the military… For several weeks, no reply… They eventually replied after asking for my cash back… But the years of experience have still not been set. I would have let them redo my CV if they had done a decent job, but there is no way I’m going to work with them again!

December 11, 2020

Worst cv writing ever used by me

I did the complimentary CV review that was given through the glass door at first. I got feedback on my CV that was persuasive. So I went for their professioinal writing service, where I wanted a CV and cover letter not to be what my previous ones were, and as per criticism, I also enhanced it. Several drafts were sent, but what they did was not as requested. And with slightly different terms did they make it lightweight. Then I attempted to return the rewrite to their free critique service and I got almost the same reviews as my old resume! The listed ATS scan was also even worse than my original. I’ve been suspicious of what they have to say to me ever since. For a matter of fact, instead of PurpleCV, I applied for jobs and was called for my initial CV.

December 8, 2020

Before spending lots of money on this very sub-par operation, I wish I had read these reviews first.

This company will review your cv free of charge and then tell you what is wrong with it and what they can do to make it better for you. They will take your current cv and copy-paste it into their own template if you continue to buy their cv writing service, which will contain a bunch of skills irrelevant to you, mis-spellings as if someone from outside the UK is writing it, and they will refuse to reimburse you because of their ‘no reimbursement policy.’

December 18, 2020
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