Looking For The Most Trusted CV Writing Service In The UK?

Hi! Let me guess, did you come here to make the final choice of the company that will write your new CV? You’re in the right place. Below I will tell you about what methodology and criteria I used when reviewing each company. For the most impatient, I immediately display a table where you will find a list of all websites with an overall rating:






CVuniverse.co.uk really surprised me with their individual approach and rightfully deserve the highest rating. Read the full CVuniverse review.


Experienced company providing good quality product. However, communication needs to be improved. Read the full TheCVstore.net review.


Excellent customer service, quick and clear answers, but the quality of the product itself was a problem. Read the full CVcentre.co.uk review


A company with extensive experience in this field. But when a company has a lot of orders, they can't keep up with what their writers write. Read the full PurpleCV.co.uk review


Nice and attractive site with helpful tips and blog articles. But I rated the quality of the CV ordered from them below average. Read the full TopCV.co.uk review

The importance of a modern CV is understood by everyone who has ever looked for work. Indeed, as soon as there is a need to change jobs, most of us do not attach importance to a well-composed CV. It seems that it is enough to describe the work experience – and the interview is secured.

In fact, to get an audience with a large (and not so) company, you need to go through a tough competition and become, if not the first, then at least the fiftieth person who will be chosen for the next stage – the interview.

Probably, many people who are looking for a job and feel the need to rewrite their CV would like to find some kind of artificial intelligence in the age of technology, which for a couple of pounds will give you a super cool CV. And the good news is: this technology is already being worked on and it’s just a matter of 5-10 years. The bad news is that you will not be the only one using this robot, and the competition at the CV level will be completely different. So in our time, there is still an opportunity to sell your time more profitably by writing a CV that meets all the modern standards and requirements.

I’m not going to describe here the methodology of how to write a CV because the Internet is full of useful (and not so) articles on this topic. My blog helps those who have absolutely no time for this or simply have enough funds to entrust the writing of CV to professionals. I have developed a plan that I follow by studying each company’s services working in this area. And this is how it looks:

  1. Overall review of the website (it’s design and usability) 
  2. What they offer (packages, prices)
  3. Additional features (like live chat or blog with useful career tips)
  4. Quality of the service
  5. Quality of the product
  6. Meeting deadlines 
  7. Conclusion

For each of the points, the company receives an assessment on a 10-point scale, as well as explains why they received this amount of points. While conducting my investigation, I was surprised that the size of the company, the price for the service, as well as the number of years in business do not affect the quality of the final product. So, for a fraction of the cost, you can easily get the perfect CV within just a couple of days from a less visible website.

Having worked for so many years in recruiting, I was surprised at how some companies position themselves as experts, but in fact write CVs as amateurs, not taking due attention to the aspects that employers are primarily looking at.

I hope that my work and tips will help you make a choice. I sincerely wish you to find your dream job as soon as possible!