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Overall review of the website

The website looks old and outdated. It doesn’t fit with the standard of a typical CV writing website. A modern CV writing website needs a visually attractive design that will engage users and convert them into clients successfully. Several users would have left the website without using any of their services because it creates a wrong first impression and that can utterly hurt the brand’s image. A website is a direct representation of the company, whether good or bad. And if that also applies to CV Lizard, it shows that they offer inferior products and service. The old design limits users in terms of functionality and usability. I didn’t even bother to open as many pages as possible because I just wanted to order and leave. 

Aside from the poor design, the website lacks core elements that that can help fulfil the company’s business objectives. The contents are not well arranged and organized in a way that will encourage users to stay on site. I would like the company to upgrade the website to a professional and functional website that looks modern and attractive to boost traffic increase conversion. 


What They Offer

The company specializes in CV editing and redesign offered via Silver, Gold and Platinum packages. They boast of professional writers who checks for spelling and grammatical errors on the client’s existing texts and ensures the layout and formatting are up to the highest standard. Their service is relatively the cheapest I have used. You can get professional editing and redesign for £19.99. However, to write a brand new CV from scratch costs £59.99. The company writes LinkedIn profile as a separate package for £24.99. Other services include Job board Submission – £24.99, Personal CV Consultation – £84.99, and Interview Coaching – £59.99.

How to order

The first step you’ll take is to choose your preferred CV package, after which you will pay via PayPal or credit/Debit card. You will receive a confirmation email through which you will reply attaching your old CV.  

Additional Features 

Aside from the CV writing services, the website features a page named ‘Help & Advice’ where users can get some tips that can help maximize their chances of gaining employment. The tips focus on how to prepare and behave during interviews and more. Though the page is quite helpful, those write-ups need upgrading. I couldn’t read some of the write-ups on the page because I didn’t find the texts insightful enough for my high expectations. Although the website has a blog menu at the bottom of the home page, there’s no access to the blog page. It’s either the page has been deleted, or the company is presently upgrading the page for better performance. I couldn’t access the page after several clicks. 


Quality of the Service

I would rather say that this company lacks a good customer support service. The company only focus much on the services they offer, paying less attention to customer support service. The website features a limited communicating method; too poor that there was no contact form on the contact page. CV writing is a service that needs through communication to gather detailed information about the user before beginning the job in the first place. The only option available to get in touch with the customer support department is via an email address and two phone lines that are not even available 24 hours. No way to get instant help or feedback anytime you need it. It’s so surprising that a CV writing firm can have a website that is not client-oriented.

Quality of the Product 

From the first draft of my CV to the last, the CV lacked professional experience. The writer used a very odd writing style using complex words with too many long sentences which can be very hard for recruiters to read. The statements lack accuracy and precision. I know the writer was trying to be amusing, but that was unprofessional for an official document like a CV. It also came with poor, inconsistent formatting, and the writer didn’t set the margins evenly. An ideal CV writer should carefully layout a CV to attract recruiter’s attention in the first minute, but they gave me something recruiters will count not worthy of their time. After several revisions and personal inputs, I couldn’t use the final product on any job website because I feel I had better keep my image. 

Meeting Deadlines

They delivered the first draft on time, but they delayed the revisions every time. The writer that did my job was too slow both in communication and delivery. I took all my patience waiting for every revised copy which never came on time. He kept making excuses and wouldn’t reply to my mails until he is finished in his time. 


The website looked like an old, abandoned site, and that made it less engaging for me. Though it not too difficult to locate the services on the site, but the poor design does not encourage me to stay long on the website. I started having complexities right from the moment I visit the website. There were too many texts on every page I opened, and that was too boring. There were limited options to communicate with writers. I didn’t enjoy working with them a bit. My time and money spent using the website were all waste. I didn’t expect much from the company looking at the quality of their website design; I only ordered the service to check out what they had to offer and they proved me right with their unprofessional service.  


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