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Overall review of the website is a simple, easy to use website. It’s evident that CITY CV deliberately designed the website to be a front door for users to gain easy access to their various services. I didn’t have to look carefully before I could locate all the features of the website. They are well arranged on distinctive lists which drop immediately you place your mouse pointer on it without a click. The website loads very fast. I completed my order in no time. is not just a website built for speed and functionality; it’s as well visually appealing. The website features simple but nice looking graphics with fewer texts looking polished, professional and more attractive to users. The website projects a perfect representation of the company’s brand and efficiency. It’s good enough to convert just-visiting users to engaged customers because of its simplicity and quick response. 

Every page of this website is very responsive and functional. It’s very encouraging and exciting using the website. There was no point in time I was frustrated while navigating through any of the pages. The layout is consistent, and that really helped me to understand and efficiently use the website for my pleasure.


What They Offer

The company provides a range of CV writing packages which are basically Board, Executive and Professional. For each package, users are allowed to choose their orders specifically either CV only, CV with LinkedIn, CV plus LinkedIn and Bio or CV plus LinkedIn, Bio and Speculative letter. You can order a CV at a Professional Career level for £599 while the total package including LinkedIn, Bio and Speculative letter costs £999. The most expensive service is the total package of the Board career level, which costs £1,599.

How to order

To order for any of these packages, you only have to fill the ‘Select Career level’ box and ‘Select CV and Writing package options’ box then click add to basket to fill a payment form and complete your order. You can make payment either via credit/debit card or PayPal.

Once you order online, the company will match you with a CV writing expert that will work with you from start to finish. After a series of different levels of quality check, the company sends the first draft with a detailed set of guidelines and tips within seven working days. Your new CV will be fine-tuned with necessary amendments on formatting, power phrasing and keywords optimization until you are fully satisfied. 

Additional Features 

Aside from the CV services, you will find a mini-blog on the website. The blog contains a few useful recent articles that explain deeply on how to change career successfully, how to become a better leader at work and a few career tips that can help users build a healthy career. However, the blog though features recent articles, needs updating. The articles are very few, and there are no many topics that focus on the new working order caused by the pandemic, which is very crucial at this time. The company needs to put more concentration on loading the blog with articles on topical issues to attract and convert more clients.  

The company also offers career, interview and executive coaching sessions to guide clients as they navigate through their distinguished career paths. 

As a token of appreciation for referrals, City CV sends a bottle of classic English sparkling wine from an award-winning winemaker, Chapel Down.  


Quality of the Service

The company needs to improve its methods of communicating with customers. Filling contact forms or sending emails is no more a preferred communication method for a CV writing company. Clients prefer instant messaging to waiting for hours to get feedback. Why on earth does the website lack a live chat feature? Live chat is an essential tool for every CV writing firm who care enough to continually offer excellent service, speed up the ordering process, provide fast and efficient customer support service and answer product questions instantly. Clients using CV writing service needs to have detailed information before ordering for any of the services, but the website lacks this feature. 

The only option to get instant help on the website is via a phone line that’s hanging at the top right corner of the home page. Since there’s only one phone line available for every client using the website, there’s no much difference if you had used the contact form or email instead. I couldn’t get through until the fifth time. My call kept waiting.    

Quality of the Product 

The final product was nothing to recommend. The final copy of the CV they sent me has a very poor quality. It didn’t showcase me a qualified potential employee that best suits the position I applied for. I knew the CV could never earn me a call for an interview. 

The inconsistent layout, extravagant fonts, compound-complex sentences, grammatical errors and superfluous statements made it harder to read for any knowledgeable recruiter. I paid them to write my CV from the employers’ point of view but what I got was neither professional nor technical.

Meeting Deadlines

They sent me the first draft on the agreed date, but the time was almost 3 hours late. That wasn’t too bad for me, but they need to work on that. Meanwhile, the first draft was very far below what I ordered, so I requested for corrections. It took them up to five days before they could send me a revised copy which also had a few spelling errors and typos on it. They continued to delay further revisions, and that didn’t go well with my schedules.


It was a friendly website to use overall, and the writer assigned to me was patient and polite, but that only masked their awful unprofessional delivery as regards their final product. There were too many errors in the first draft and the revised copies that I kept asking for revisions five consecutive times. However, the writer was kind enough to accommodate all complaints, but he couldn’t deliver to expectation. A professional CV writer must be a good master of the language used and have a deep understanding of the industry. They did a shabby job. I had to discard it and wrote it myself. 


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