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Overall review of the website

The website of this company seemed to me very simple to navigate, easy to use. It is made in a modern design. I enjoy websites that are designed in a user-friendly way because you can always find the required information. It is impossible to get lost when you visit pages like that. I could say that it is effortless to navigate. This website deserves top marks. 


What They Offer

The company offers a wide range of products related to professional Resume/CV writing. They could guarantee all possible accompanying services for people who need a well-made cv. 

First of all, they offer 3 basic packages and all of them have 3 points, which are the same:

  • Professional cv writing by experts
  • Formation for success (They make it Applicant Tracking System friendly)
  • Keyword optimization for a cv

But there are some additional services for each package. Now I will mention each service for each category.

-Professional growth

Have three basic services. 

-Career evolution

Cover letter and interview guarantee. 

-Premium plus

LinkedIn profile makeover service in addition to previous points.

How to order?

1. Upload your current resume/cv

2.Chose one of 3 packages of cv writing assistance and then follow to payment webpage.

3. Then, they will connect you with the professional cv writer for an interview about your career (don’t forget to answer the question about your key skill for cv).

4. After the interview, they will send you the first draft

Payment method

Payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard) or PayPal e-wallet is possible. The process is the same as at most websites, where you have to pay for something. 

Additional Features 

An additional beneficial feature for a customer is optimizing LinkedIn profile. In my opinion, it is suitable for people for all job seekers, especially now. Now, this option is trendy because of COVID-19 world situation.


Quality of the Service

During the process, they asked me many questions, such as what sort of position am I applying for, my salary expectations, etc. and all the questions used to make perfect sense. However, I’ve had an impression that these questions are the same for everyone, regardless of what industry you’re working in. So I decided to ask my interviewer some questions related to Digital Marketing, and she(positioning herself as a “specialist” in my field) was completely lost! After asking three questions she couldn’t answer, it was clear to me she had no clue what I was talking about.

I’ve expressed the doubt that she can write my CV better than I, after which she suggested me to be transferred to their “Elite writer”. Okay, fair play. I agreed, and she hanged up.

Quality of the Product 

So, if you think you can get real criticism of your resume from these guys for free, then I have to disappoint you. All they need is to get hold of your contact information so that they can contact you later and scare you that your CV is worthless and you will never find a job. All they need is to sell one of their services – cv editing, cv writing, cover letter writing, LinkedIn optimization.

So the “Elite writer” has finally sent me my “elite” CV.

I was shocked when I got exactly the same cv that I’ve had, slightly modified with cliches that you can find on any website, where they tell what should be on your CV. I paid ~130 pounds for writing a cv and just getting my cv back with several changes!!! Their professional cv writers just rock! That’s probably the easiest money they’ve ever made. 

However, they didn’t know that I have worked as an HR specialist for decades. It looked funny when I got my cv back with some “improvements”, which anyone could make without any education and special skills.

Meeting Deadlines

So the first draft was delivered on time, but as the product was far away from my expectations and required not just little improvements, but a complete overhaul, I’ve had wait another few days for the first revision to arrive. Funny enough, I haven’t mentioned anything about the design of the first version, but for some reason, they decided to change that as well (probably to impress me with an effort). But unfortunately for them, I hated it and asked to change it back to the original font and remove all of those fancy inserts and tables. So along with 2 revisions, it took 7 days instead of 3.


In conclusion, I would like to say that in my opinion, the final product provided by is far from what you can call “professionally written cv”, as it needs a lot of editing. Secondly, you should always keep in mind that they don’t have a refund policy for the customers if you do not want to have a low-quality cv. Then I got the same rate of calls during the experiment just as usual. I could say that I cannot be confident in “” guarantee because of its quality in general. However, I much appreciated the design and interface of the website, it looks good and fresh, but I think that live-chat is necessary for pages like that.  


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