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Overall review of the website provides online CV writing services via a variety of CV writing packages. The company also offers objective, helpful advice and is dedicated to helping users achieve their career ambition.

This website provides users with easy access to the services the company is offering. No redirecting. You will access every page with a single click. The landing page makes navigation easy. It provides direct links to every important page on the website. In other words, you don’t have to be loading pages before you could use any of the services on the website.

One of the website’s high points is its simple and unique design, appealing to both the eyes and the fingers. 


What They Offer

This website offers four specific CV services, including:

1. Immediate Impression CV Writing Services – Premium 2-page CV services with a consultation.

This service includes an in-depth telephone/skype consultation with a UK based senior CV writer that will discuss with you to have a better understanding of what you want.

CV only – £210

CV and LinkedIn profile – £280

CV and Cover Letter – £255

CV, LinkedIn and Cover Letter – £320  

2. Immediate Impression Mini CV Writing Service – Premium 2 page CV writing service from CV profiling tool.

This service allows customers to send their existing CV and either complete their CV profiling tool or provide other necessary information by mail. 

CV only – £160

CV and LinkedIn profile – £230

CV and Cover Letter – £205

CV, LinkedIn and Cover Letter – £270

3. Comprehensive 3+ Page CV Service – Premium CV writing service with a consultation.

This service offers a three or more page CV ideal for roles where detailed work experience is crucial such as medical, legal, or academic sectors. An assigned UK-based professional CV writer will have an in-depth consultation with the client to better understand his/her achievements and target users’ CV towards the ideal next role. 

3 page

CV only – £275

CV and LinkedIn – £340

CV and Cover Letter – £320

CV, LinkedIn and Cover Letter – £380

4 page 

CV only – £330

CV and LinkedIn – £395

CV and Cover Letter – £375

CV, LinkedIn, and Letter – £440

How to Order

Ordering for any of the above-listed services is easy and straightforward. 

Step 1

Click on the ‘Buy Now’ box.

Step 2

Confirm your orders and click on ‘Proceed to Checkout.’

Step 3

Fill in the billing information form and the additional information form and click on the ‘Proceed to payment’ box.

Step 4

Choose either you are paying via Credit/Debit card or PayPal and complete your payment.

Additional Features 

Like many other CV writing websites, this website features a blog that contains several valuable articles aimed at helping job seekers, from writing a standard CV to attending interviews and discharging their roles accurately in their respective offices. 

One of the interesting articles on the blog, ‘Thinking about a career change: a guide to financial services’ provides an in-depth understanding of the various ideal industry you can switch to without affecting your convenience if you are considering a career change.

Whether you are still doing the job-chasing or already in that office, a visit to this blog will help you record outstanding achievements and build a long-lasting career. 

This website also offers a free 10 minutes CV/resume review with a senior CV consultant. The aim is to enable users to know if their CV is good enough to upload on various job websites or it has been the major thing preventing them from landing their dream job. The free CV review feature also helps users with useful tips and professional advice on how to improve their CV to make it ATS compatible. 


Quality of the Service

There are a couple of ways you can communicate with the company via this website. The contact page features a short contact form where you can fill in your details and your messages. You can also talk to the company via their telephone line, email, and the postal address provided on the contact page. 

The Customer Support Service is not responsive enough. You would have to wait for days before getting feedback through email. The website doesn’t feature a live chat option. Hence the only way to get an instant response from the company is to make a call, which takes time before they could answer. 

One of the major challenges of this website is the poor communication method. It was a major discouragement from the beginning of the transaction, and it continued till delivery. The poor communication system became more annoying when I had to make some corrections on the first draft sent to me. That was too stressful.  

Quality of the Product 

Terrible! This company charged me £380 for a mere improvement in my former CV. I told the writer to give me a great CV that will show my soft and hard skills and portray me as a rounded and whole candidate. Instead, they only showed a bunch of qualification skills, which does not appeal to seasoned recruiters. 

Meeting Deadlines 

I got the first draft five days after I placed the order. That was quite on time. But, I had to wait for weeks before I could get the revised copy. 


The company needs to improve its customer support service. No company that values customers would keep them waiting for mails or answer calls selectively. 

Aside from the poor customer service, their pricing is too expensive, juxtaposed with their final product quality. £380 is too much for a CV that cannot knock a single interview door and a LinkedIn profile that lacks the right keywords to put me on top of search lists. That is nothing close to professionalism. 


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