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Overall review of the website is a website built with simplicity and easy navigation at the top of mind. The home page contains almost every necessaryinformation you need to use the various services the company is offering. You can find the pricing of the company’sprofessional CV services, contact information, and a few reviews about the company. 

The website features beautiful but simple graphics making it light and responsive to clicks. The fonts are bold and clear enough, enabling users to read through the texts and grab every information quickly. Since the website is designed for easy navigation, it’s friendly to users with little internet experience.

However, the website seems very slow and takes a long time because you would have to load many pages before you could complete your orders. 


What They Offer

On this website, you have only three different packages to order – Junior Career CV, Professional Career CV and Executive Career CV depending on your level of experience. This company has one of the most affordable professional CV writing service with their charges rangingfrom £79 – £179. Meanwhile, the totalprice for every package changes when you add a Cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and interview techniques. The amountcharged for Cover letters, LinkedIn profile, and interview techniques also differ from one package to the other. 

Junior Career CV – £79

Cover Letter – £29

LinkedIn Profile –£69

Interview Techniques – £249

Professional Career CV – £119

Cover Letter –£39

LinkedIn Profile – £79

Interview Techniques – £249

Executive Career CV – £179

Cover Letter – £49

LinkedIn Profile – £99

Interview Techniques – £249

Each package includes consultation by telephone or online call channels (Skype, WhatsApp, BOTIM, etc.),unlimited amends/ additional information process and access to the member portal where your documents are kept with downloads including guides on job search and interview. 

Payment Method 

You can pay for any of the services offered by this website via only two payment options – Credit/Debit Card or PayPal. Meanwhile, the payment method is longer and slower. I opened several pages before I could complete my order. 

Additional Features 

The website has a couple of additional features aside from the CV writing service they offer. These features include a mini-blog, free CV review, interview technique training, and Gift Voucher. 

The blog contains a few useful articles centred onhow to get a high paying job through LinkedIn and other job websites, and how to seek employment in this working-from-home period. You will also find helpfularticles that guide on how to write a good CV personally and exposes unnecessary details you should avoid on your CV.I would say that the blog needs an update with new informative articles thataddress topical issues to help clients build a lasting career after gotten a befitting CV. 

The free review feature allows clients to upload their existing CV for experts’ perusal and professional recommendations. This helps clients to know which area of their CV needs an update or discover the efficiency oftheir CV to help them land their dreams jobs. 

The Gift Voucher feature allows the client to give family and friends the gift of a new role/career with a professional CV writing Gift Card.


Quality of the Service

The website offers a relatively limited means of communicating with the company. A few options available are email, four different phone lines and a ‘Request a call back’ form on the contact page. There’s no live chat option on the website. The only way to have an instant, one-on-one interaction with the writers is via phone calls which takes several attempts before they can answer. 

The absence of a live chat feature on the website makes active, instant communication difficult preventing customers from having a background relationship with the company before subscribing to any their services. This is quite a discouraging factor, especially for a professional CV writing firm who needs to have enough details of their clients to deliver satisfactorily. 

At the beginning of my conversation with the company, I called the Manchester phone line to speak to any of the customer service officials, but it took me about fiveredials before I could get through. Peter, who spoke with me gave me a very nice impression. He was a good listener, friendly and polite enough to accommodate and answer my questions with patience.The customer service department did a great job. 

Quality of the Product 

The final copy of my CV was far below a professional standard. It deserves nothing more than a 1-star review. I am quite surprised about the several good reviews I saw on their website. They barely made professional input on my CV. 

The writer seems to have very little product knowledge as he missed too many keywords, but rather wrote a repetitive description and in a vague order. I asked for revisions a couple of times, but I wasn’t satisfied. The overall appearance of the CV is not quite neat and lacked organization. Besides, it is somewhat difficult to read, which in my opinion, didn’t follow the CV “first impression” rule.

Meeting Deadlines 

The company is quite faithful with time.  I received the first draft right at the agreed date. Though the writer took longer necessary before he could send me a revised copy for the three different times, I requested for revisions. 


Communicating with the writers was good enough, and they showed a great level of attentiveness and friendliness while talking to me. Their customer service department did a great job in making sure that I got the best of their service, but that is where the positives ended. The CV I got was too short of professional writing as it contains too many grammatical errors and superfluous statement that talks about me from a strange perspective. It looked like the writer was not a native English speaker. He used too many long hard-to-read sentences, and the grammar was awful in general.  I didn’t expect a CV with such a poor level of grammar from an acclaimed professional CV writer. I wouldn’t recommend them if you want to write a technical CV.


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