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Overall review of the website

Going to the website you will be taken to a straightforward and simple page, where it is immediately clear what they do and how much it costs. In fact, this is very captivating, because business people love this approach very much. Have you come here to order a CV? That’s how much it costs. If you agree to pay that much, click here.

They offer direct consultation with the writer, after which you will receive your first draft.

I can only say one thing about the website’s design – they obviously did it with the involvement of a third-party company and paid them a lot, since the site was made very well and of high quality – highest marks.


What They Offer

So, let’s move on to the list of services provided by the company. And here is a list of what they do:

  • CV writing
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Targeted cover letter writing
  • Document translation
  • Academic CV writing

Note that they offer Academic CV writing, which few companies in this market do. Due to the fact that students, albeit very promising, often do not know what to write in their CV, since they have no work experience. For this, I can only praise them.

In general, the list of services is relatively standard and is what all companies in this area do. In the ABAUT section, they describe how the order takes place. After you pay for your order and send them the current CV (if you have one), you will be contacted by a writer who will consult with you if you wish. They can do this by phone, live chat, or email.

Additional Features 

If you came not for a service, but for information, you would be greatly disappointed, as there is no blog on this website. Of course, it is clear that the company is primarily interested in people who want to order a paid service from them, not those who just read, take advice into account and leave to write CV on their own. However, in my opinion, such websites should have a blog with unique articles, where a person can pick up the necessary information. Firstly, it gives trust and can motivate a person to buy. Secondly, even if this person does not order, he can tell about your site to another person who will order. And thirdly, good deeds must be done!


Quality of the Service

In the “Contact Us” section, you may find that the company has four offices located in major cities in the UK. You can contact them by phone, live chat, email, or fill out the form in the same section. They respond quickly, but they lose interest as soon as they realize that you are a difficult client. It happened to us. We asked many awkward questions about who their writers are, how many there are, what guarantees they give, etc. But on the whole, they behaved with dignity and courtesy.

Quality of the Product 

I cannot say that the CV I received was bad. No, it’s not. But I cannot say that I admire the professionalism and originality of the document I paid for. It was … standard. One of the most important sections “Personal Statement” was nothing more than a simple listing of the qualities inherent in a person working in this field (we chose management in construction this time). Then everything was “according to the template” and like others. There was nothing that would help the person who ordered CVs from them to stand out from other applicants. And that’s exactly what they pay for, right?

Meeting Deadlines

They promise to send the first draft within two days of the consultation. Well, they did it. To our claims about excessive “stereotyped” aspects, they replied that they are sorry they could not meet our expectations and offered a 10% discount. When asked if they could revise the CV, they replied that they did not quite understand what was wrong.


I think that many people will be satisfied with the services of this company. They work honestly and quickly. The company is definitely suitable for a mid-level specialist; they will make a good CV for them. If you are a top-level specialist, designer, IT specialist in a specific area, or any other “unordinary” occupation, then you better look for someone else, because these guys work according to templates and clear instructions. This is probably correct, considering that for most people, this will most likely work. But I still think that an individual approach is fundamental when you offer professional CV writing services.


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