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Overall review of the website offers professional CV writing services, amongst other services to job seekers who need the expertise of a professional CV writer to win the interest of employers in the highly competitive labor market. The company also provide online career consultancy through the expertise of in-house consultants who are specialists in their field.

The design of the website is 50 percent in terms of usability. Although it features excellent graphics and the texts are legible enough, but the website looks somewhat busy, which makes locating the items on the website a more complex task. 

The website also provides a few necessary information on the landing page, such as a ‘contact us’ form, links to some of the interesting articles, a brief read of some useful career advice, and a sitemap at the bottom of the page. This makes navigation easy. 


What They Offer offers three specific CV writing services: Standard CV Writing Package, Platinum CV Writing Package, and Gold CV Writing Package.

1. Standard CV Writing Package – £199 

This package offers:

  • New-look Keyword CV written by experienced consultants to optimize ranking.
  • Advice on how users can sell their benefits to prospective employers.
  • Professional assistance to showcase users’ achievements, experience, and skills.
  • A guaranteed maximum of 100 points on the company’s professional CV assessment. 

2. Gold CV Writing Package – £299

This package offers:

  • New-look Keyword CV written by an experienced consultant to optimize ranking.
  • A cover letter targeted towards a specific job.
  • Advice on how to tap into the unadvertised job market.
  • Assistance with contacting employers speculatively and networking.

3. Platinum CV Writing Package – £399

This CV writing package provides users with every needful assistance to make a professional and successful job application. The offer also involves:

  • Telephone Career consultancy with Sarah Berry.
  • Career Wants Exercise and Career Choice Psychometric Profile.
  • Benefits Podcast that will sell users’ value to any recruiter.
  • New-look Keyword CV written by an experienced consultant to optimize the ranking. 
  • Two different styles of covering letter that will allow users to choose their job hunting approach.

How to Order

To order for any of these services, follow the following steps:

Step 1

Click the ‘Order now’ box – It will take you to the ‘Check-Out’ page. 

Step 2

Click on ‘Check-Out’ – It will take you to the ‘Submit Order’ page.

Step 3

Click on the ‘Submit Order” box. You have completed your payment.

Payment Methods

Making the payment is one of the simplest tasks on this website. It doesn’t stress a bit. When you click on the ‘Check-Out’ box, you will first fill in the short Billing and payment information before clicking on the ‘Submit Order.’ The website provides only Credit/Debit Card and PayPal options. 

Additional Features 

Aside from CV writing services, this company sells books and ebooks written by the Managing Director, Sarah Berry. These books provide valuable information about everything you need to know to land your dream job, make the best out of it and have a blissful career. A few of the exciting books and ebooks by Sarah Berry include: How to plan your career, Write a perfect CV, how to love the job you do, the fastest way to a six-figure salary, and more. 

This website also features a mini-blog. This blog offers the same benefits as the ebooks focusing on the best ways to get the right job, negotiate a good salary, get more passionate about your job, and build a successful career. 

Additionally, this website offers ‘personal web and blog creation’ to help you attract employment and contracting opportunities to gain more clients for your business. This sounds great, as every career-minded individual needs a personal blog or website to grow their business.

Other services rendered through this website include Career change services, CV assessment and review, eCourse, Online counseling, Book writing editing, and publishing services, and more.


Quality of the Service

Communicating with this website is less effective. No provision for live chat or email address that will aid one-on-one discussion with the management except a short form below the ‘Contact Us’ segment on the landing page. 

Filling the contact form to send messages to the company is like watching Cactus plants grow. This is not ideal for a professional CV writing firm because using a CV service requires a detailed prior discussion before placing an order. 

They are very slow in response. Every message I sent waited for days before feedback. The website does not permit smooth customer relations in all honesty, and that alone is a seriously annoying factor.  

Quality of the Product 

This is the worst CV I have ever seen. It lacks every quality that can make recruiters decide it worth their time. There were too many grammatical and typographical errors that I didn’t bother to request for revision. I had to forgo the money and started writing a new one myself. 

Meeting Deadlines 

They are late in delivery. The first draft came four days after the agreed date and denied me the opportunity to apply for my preferred job on time.


I didn’t enjoy using this service. Their delivery was late and poor. I expected a CV that tells a great story about me and would portray me as the best candidate for the job, but I couldn’t get that. They only sent back to me a reworded version of my former CV. A professional CV writer should understand all the characteristics of a good CV and how to achieve them. What a poor service. I will not recommend them. 


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