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Overall review of the website

I liked the idea of ​​this company’s website design. Everything is decorated in orange-black-gray colours, under the logo there are images of people of different professions, and below – a simple, but still high-quality promotional video. Then you can flip through the reviews of this company from the review website and make sure that these guys do their job well. On the website, you can find a list of industries in which they specialize, as well as a description of the specifics of this area.

In general, the website is a one-page website, so if you came with the sole purpose of hiring someone to write your CV as soon as possible, you would be happy with the functionality.


What They Offer

The company is engaged in employment assistance, and their services are not limited to writing a CV and a cover letter. Let’s start with CV – it can be of different levels for CVsquad, which depends on your work experience and position, although the price for them changes only if you need a document within 24 hours. The question arises – why are there extra buttons? Service prices vary – £ 89 for basic CV, £ 129 for CV and cover letter, and £ 189 for CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile optimization. In each package, they promise that you will have a direct connection with the writer, to whom you can ask any questions in the process, that your CV will be 100% compatible with the Applicant Service System. The company promises to deliver the order within three days.

Additional Features 

As I said above, the company has a relatively wide range of services, which is not limited to professional writing of a CV, a cover letter and optimization of the LINKEDIN profile. Also, they offer:

CV Refresh

Application Form

Interview Coaching

Career coaching

Recruitment Solution


Free CV Review

The most interesting of them are Career Coaching and Recruitment Solution. Unfortunately, we cannot tell much about the first one, since they ask to contact them directly so that they can tell how much this service costs. On the other hand, recruitment solution is a service they offer to companies looking for “talents” and they promise to track and employ them if they get paid. It costs only from £ 1250 to £ 5000 per month. Not bad, huh?


Quality of the Service

The quality is average. Nothing special. In the process of communication, I did not feel like a “valuable” client. Although, in fairness, I should note that I was not a representative of a company willing to pay them 5k per month, just a person who ordered the cheapest service.

Quality of the Product 

Well, the quality of CV also turned out to be “basic” as well as communication with the company. Apparently, they already had a person specialized in the Gas industry, and they just slightly edited him. The most interesting thing is that they added to me several skills and abilities that I did not possess. That person was in a higher position. But nothing. When I said that I had the feeling that they had sent someone’s CV, they assured me that it was not, and they added qualities to make the CV look much more “attractive”. Hard to believe.

Meeting Deadlines

They were 1 day late but apologized.


In conclusion, I want to point out that I would not advise anyone to use the services of this company, since they are superficial in their approach to those who order cheap services from them. It’s scary to think what companies get if they suddenly want to pay them 5k for candidate search services. Their site, while attractive, is full of bugs and glitches. The company, Like the quality of the product, is below average.


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