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Overall review of the website

The website of the company looks modern and quite minimalistic. You intuitively feel where you need to click to get what you came for. The main page contains several texts where they talk about the importance of having a high-quality CV. They simply and schematically show their work method with clients step-by-step, what do you get by ordering a service on their website, and a few words about the company.

The first thing you see is a tempting offer for a free service – criticism of your CV by one of the company’s experts (we will talk about it further). The site itself is designed in blue and white colors that are pleasing to the eye. There is no pop-up advertisement, nothing intrusive and repulsive. In “Our Company” section, located in the website’s footer, there is a rather entertaining article with some interesting statistics. For me personally, their website was perfect from the user’s point of view.


What They Offer

The company is specializing in writing CVs. They also suggest writing an original cover letter for you and optimizing your LinkedIn profile. All services come in packages, you can order just a CV for £99 but the number of revisions will be limited to three. If you order the Professional package, you will receive unlimited revisions and the original cover letter. In the Premium package, you get the best writer who will write the CV and cover letter, optimize your LinkedIn profile, and provide unlimited revisions.

In addition to the services you have to pay for, the website offers a free service of criticizing your CV by one of their experts. This service surprised me the most because, unlike other companies on the market, these guys responded within 40(!) minutes, where they gave excellent advice regarding the document that I uploaded. They said exactly what I would have done myself! I didn’t even immediately understand what’s the point of their work then.

Where is the profit? They didn’t take a penny off me! And then I got it – after all, advice can be found in the public domain, you can see your mistakes yourself, but you already need to have the experience to fix them quickly and efficiently. Some of the people, of course, say “thank you” to them and start writing CV on their own. However, I am sure that for many people who have received such constructive criticism, this will be a good indicator that this company will write a good CV for them.

Additional Features 

Well, there are not many of them here. The website has a blog with relevant articles, but there are very few of them. Their website, unfortunately, cannot be used as a guide to writing CV. There are companies with a much wider variety of articles that have a lot of useful advice on how to develop your career. The articles available here are beautifully designed and contain interesting and relevant information. I hope the company owners will pay attention to this aspect and will soon add more articles to their blog. 

There is a live chat on the website. My question was answered within 2 minutes 36 seconds, which is neither more nor less. I didn’t notice how this time passed as I continued to study the website, but some impatient guests may have time to click on the cross without waiting for an answer. In general, here they clearly have room for improvement.


Quality of the Service

Apart from the fact that they only replied after two and a half minutes in the live chat, further communication was quick and productive. The guys from the Customer Service Department answered my questions politely and clearly. Further communication with the writer via email was also relatively quick. In general, I’ve felt that they value their customers and their words on the website about an individual approach are not just a publicity stunt, but really their philosophy. Well, isn’t that what we expect when we pay £100 for a two-page document? Top marks.

Quality of the Product 

The quality of the final product was top notch. I honestly admit, being at my previous job, I would definitely pay attention to such a CV. A clean, literate document that carries the right thought and emphasizes the strengths of the candidate. Nothing superfluous – no pictures, no inserts, no fancy fonts. Exactly what you need, and most importantly, what will attract the attention of the employer. Bravo.

Meeting Deadlines 

There were no delays. Neither in communication nor in the final delivery of CV. And I was not an easy client. I asked for revisions even where they were absolutely not needed. The writer remained patient and benevolent, trying to be sympathetic to my whims. Considering all the revisions, I received the document 2 days ahead of schedule.


In conclusion, I want to say that I did not expect such a performance from this company because I knew that they had been on the market not so long ago compared to their giant competitors. They left an excellent impression of themselves. It’s all about the individual approach. It is very captivating. The company cares a lot about its reputation and therefore tries to leave every client satisfied. They have built a lovely website, with simple navigation, where you don’t see a lot of text that you don’t want to read. The service was great, as was the product itself. I can assure you that you are unlikely to be disappointed if you choose these guys to write your CV. The company has rightfully earned the first place in our top, and I think that it will be tough to move it from there.


Real Users Reviews

Fabulous work

The writer’s professionalism and turnaround time were as expected. The work was outstanding in terms of time and quality. Anyone looking for a reliable service to write technical CV would certainly be recommended this service.

February 9, 2021

Efficient service

Really impressed. I needed guidance to write my CV and Sam was very helpful. She made a new, well organized CV  once I gave her my ancient one. The entire process was quick and easy. Very professional and all deadlines reached. Thanks a lot!

January 28, 2021

Worth it’s money

I wanted to make an opportunity to get my curriculum vitae revamped as the one I used got no publicity. I was satisfied with the reactivity and final product. The best thing was that I had an interview straight a way with the new curriculum vitae.

January 30, 2021

Would reccomend to anyone

Cvuniverse helped to make my mind more relaxed. Leroy was supportive and contributed to the new great CV. He could capture what I needed to communicate to companies where  I am applying for a job. I can tell this company is good enough! I strongly urge anyone looking for a career step up to hire these guys! Outstanding service!

February 2, 2021


I decided to get cvuniverse to rewrite my CV a while ago because the results I needed were not obtained by my previous CV. In reality, recruiters didn’t look at my previous curriculum vitae, work applications were in limbo and my self-esteem hit me. After a few days of my CV on the job site, over 30 recruiters have looked at my CV and  six of them have contacted me to schedule interviews. I even contacted a recruiter to find an out-of-reach role.Christina M was perfectly conscious of my talents and contributions on my CV.

February 1, 2021

Above my expectations

I had my CV written recently by CVuniverse, in the way I wanted it to be. I’ve got a really professional CV I’m looking for a test drive. Will suggest a that kind of refresh to everybody.

February 5, 2021

I loved my new CV

My new CV inspired me so much. After working with an 15-year-old business, I needed a recent version of my know-how with wording on the market today. The one on one service I was offered impressed me a lot.

February 7, 2021

Amazing experience

I’ve been really glad about my Cvuniverse experience. It was a really professional template. Indeed, one of the employers said that she liked my curriculum vitae. My CV writer answered my questions and requests very closely. It is costly, but it seems to be in line with the charges for the same service by other businesses. Currently, I am thinking of rewriting my LinkedIn profile with them. I would recommend Cvuniverse to anyone not getting interviews but well-trained and/or good experience.

January 28, 2021

Impressive experience

I worked really hard to write my new CV, and I needed assistance in polishing it, cvuniverse helped me find the best way to introduce myself to the labour market. I can’t thank them enough.

February 7, 2021

The right pick

It’s hard to fill the cup which is already full. I had a cover letter for 2021 and had to pick CVuniverse. It was painless, timely and straightforward. I have a new curriculum vitae and cover letter that shows the world my best qualities and hireability accurately. Thanks guys!

February 6, 2021

100% satisfied

Best service, Best experts! I thought I knew work applications, CVs and things very well. I was wrong 🙂 The new CV rewritten by a pro shows me just how important the delivery of the information can be, the cover letter, the thank you letter, the mock interviews. The feedback was great, the contact was great, all their suggestions were good. I spoke to fantastic people. I want to thank everyone who I was in contact, and I hope my chances will significantly improve now to find the desired job!

January 29, 2021

Reliable. For sure.

In the event of an interesting opportunity, I decided to update my CV. Christina has taken good note of my needs and revised my CV skilfully to keep this up-to-date and professional. For someone who needs to have an up to date CV, I would strongly recommend cvuniverse!

February 4, 2021
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