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Overall review of the website

In general, the website of, decorated in red-green-blue colours with different shades for some reason reminded me of Windows Mobile when I was using a phone from Nokia. Memories are not the best, as this operating system is terribly buggy. But let’s move on to the website. Everything is quite simple and straightforward – if you want to order – click on this button, if you want to read about them – click on this, and so on. There are many pictures of children on the website, which I don’t really understand – although they are cute, they have nothing to do with finding a job. Why the owners chose these particular photos for the screensavers is not clear to me.

As for the content, everything is very simple. Even too simple. But we’ll talk about this later. Going a bit forward – I give them credit for trying to stand out from the rest of the companies offering their services.


What They Offer

So, on the website you can find several subspecies of the services they offer, and these are: 

  • Free CV Review Professional CV Writing Services
  • Interim CV Writing
  • Personal Statement Writing Service
  • Professional Cover Letter Writing Services
  • Military to Civilian Transition CV Writing
  • Graduate and School Leavers CV Writing Services
  • Interview Coaching
  • LinkedIn Profiles

Prices for services are average. But some prices are very impressive(in the sense of high cost). So, for a student who has just graduated from university, their document will cost £ 59, for a professional – £ 79(this will probably change as soon as you decide to make an order, as that is just the starting price), but the “interview coaching” service costs £ 125 per hour. However, they offer a service called “Platinum Service – Executive CV Writing”, which includes a complete development of your transition strategy, a new CV and cover letter, some interview tips. All this costs starting (!) From £ 350.

Additional Features 

Well, perhaps, “Platinum Service” and “Interview Coaching” are the most interesting additional services that they offer on their website of the Professional Services of CV Writers. As for their blog, it’s very sparse and uninteresting. There are very few articles, and all of them are on very hackneyed topics, stuffed with cliches and all the well-known “advice”. In my opinion, from the beginning of the foundation of the website, they decided to make a blog, since competitors had it, but over time they decided not to bother and stopped filling it with fresh articles, which is a shame. It seems to me that this tactic brings more credibility and attracts an additional audience. But looks like guys from apparently have a different opinion.


Quality of the Service

Firstly, I was greatly disappointed by the lack of an opportunity to open a live chat and communicate with them right here and now. They offer to either write to them or call them. Somehow a little old-fashioned and not very convenient for many. It seems to me that if a company wants to sell something like their Platinum Service package, it should do its best to facilitate communication with the client. While he is looking for his phone, he might change his mind! Secondly, I called on Tuesday evening, somewhere around 5, and they did not answer the phone for a very long time. But when they answered, the conversation was not very pleasant because apparently the guy I spoke to wanted to leave the office as soon as possible and was not very happy with all my tricky questions. But still, he answered them.

Quality of the Product 

I decided not to order Platinum Service because I understand perfectly well that not many people can afford it and go for it, so they will definitely do their best to impress me if I pay so much money. So I ordered the usual “Professional CV” and a cover letter, trying not to stand out. 

I cannot say that the quality was terrible, no, it was not. But I didn’t see anything “professional” in the document either. For some reason, they made a section “objective”, which, of course, slightly upset me, because I think that CVs with such a section go to the trash immediately. Why would you put in a document intended to show that you are offering what you want to achieve? I never understood that. The cover letter was typical, but okay. When I asked to remove the section from the CV, they even supplemented my Personal Profile, and it worked out well. 5.5 / 10.

Meeting Deadlines

There was complete order with this. Everything was sent on time and corrections were made in the shortest possible time. Everything is fine here.


Have you ever been to a restaurant or cafe that you forgot about 10 minutes after visiting? And on occasion, if you are asked what your experience was, you just want to say: “Everything was as usual.” This is exactly the case. When neither the website, nor communication, nor the final product left any vivid impressions. Alright. But no more. I was very surprised by several points, for example, the absence of a section “Frequently asked questions”. Why? At least for practical reasons – aren’t you tired of answering the same questions? In general, a common service, but it does not at all cost the money they ask for what they offer.


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